Bendigo Continued



Our holiday was now coming to an end, yet still we had so much to see and do. We started the day of with a stroll down to a local cafe for breakfast  then it was off to The Golden Dragon Museum, a museum with displays the Chinese heritage of Bendigo.

We started in the Sun Loong Gallery which  had a lovely collection of Chinese Lions and Dragons. It told the story of awakening the dragon before the Bendigo Easter Festival which features the famous dragon the Sun Loong Dragon. Here we also saw the chinese coin collection.


We then went into the Imperial Gallery which containing a large number of chinese historical artefacts including clothing, furniture, head pieces, and old artefacts. It was also where the oldest and longest imperial dragon in the world Sun Loong could be found.

It was then time to explore the Yi Yuang Gardens, which were quite nice except the water in the pond was a bit green.

The boys enjoyed seeing the Chinese Lions and Dragons, however they found looking at some of the other stuff a bit boring. That is just kids, only so much history they are interested in.


Then to have some real fun at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre at Bendigo. Yes fun, fun, fun! Lots of hands on exhibitions to play with and explore. We were kept busy for several hours going from one activity to the next. We also got to go to the Planetorium to see the Olympic fever and planets show. It was a very fun way to learn about the planets.


Our holiday has come to an end we have had four very busy days. Off home we went back to everyday life. Our holiday certainly added some excitement to our winter school holidays.


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