Ballarat Wildlife Park


English: Ballarat Town Hall Sturt Street Balla...

English: Ballarat Town Hall Sturt Street Ballarat Victoria Australia (Photo credit: Wikipeda)

Have been holidaying at Ballarat and Bendigo for a few days over the school holidays. This time of year is living up to its reputation of being cold and wet, so it is tempting to spend school holidays at home playing video games and going to the movie. So we decided to take four days off and do some sight-seeing.

Ballarat is a large country town in Victoria Australia, it historically was a large bustling gold mining town.

Our first destination was the Ballarat Wildlife Park, our youngest son just loves animals especially Tasmanian Devils.

Husband Steve feeding the Kangaroos

We had a great time feeding the Kangaroos and watching them lazing about. They seemed so contented and were more than happy to have people just patting them and feeding the Kangaroos.

Whilst our youngest son Mighty Mouse was delighted to see the Tasmanian Devils and Quolls. He stood there watching the devils run around and growl at each other saying, ” They are so cute!” The other people were saying ” they are such ugly creatures.” I think they  are so cute, and I think they have an awesome growl.

A cute devil

Whilst we got to see Koalas, Wombats, Crocodiles, Snakes, Turtles, Echidnas, Eagles, lots and lots of lazy kangaroos, and Emu’s plus lots more other animals. My son was delighted he got to pat a python, during the snake show. My other son appeared to enjoy taking lots of photo’s of Kangaroos. We spent many hours wandering around looking at all the animals and had a wonderful day.

It was a wonderful experience, so much better than staying home watching TV and playing video games.

Lazy Kangaroo, looking cute and relaxed.


One thought on “Ballarat Wildlife Park

  1. Thankyou for taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback of our park.
    We are a privately owned park and delIght in the fact we can allow our visitors to have close and personal contact with our animals.
    I agree the devils are cute and they smell like honey bran muffins!
    We hope you come again.
    Kind Regards
    Curator, Ballarat Wildlife Park

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