Travelling with Children

The problem with travelling with children is boredom. Once bored which is usually just after you back out of the drive way, they argue, fight and cry. So action is required, an organised plan of attack especially for those long trips, such as holidays. So I have included some tips that I have found helpful when travelling with my boys. These are as follows:

  1. Make it comfy, this could include pillows, blankets and teddies.
  2. Electronics, iPods(loaded up with games) or a gaming console like a DS Nintendo and lots of games. (PS make sure they are charged up before you go , so annoying to get half hour a long trip and here “Mum, my iPod is flat.)
  3. Take snacks and drinks. Always have a few good food treats as bribes for good behaviour.
  4. Stop frequently for breaks, take time to enjoy the trip and do some site seeing. Children like to enjoy the journey not just get to the destination.
  5. Most of all breathe slowly, calm down, and tune out. They really are angels most of the time, it just there is nothing like a long  trip to bring out the inner devil in them.

So have fun! Enjoy the journey. Mostly  importantly remember tip number 5.


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