Save our farm land

Recently I have been concerned about the amount of farm land in my area that has been re-zoned residential. The State Government of Victoria has re-zoned good farm land for houses extending the suburban sprawl at any cost. The farm land in question is in Clyde North, and supply’s much of victoria fresh vegetables to the two big supermarkets Coles and Woolworth’s. Melbourne’s local food bowl is being eaten away by housing due to the re-zoning of rural land to residential land by irresponsible state governments. This is short-term thinking. It is predicted in 2030 we will have food shortages world-wide. Whilst in Melbourne, there are no food plan policies for the future. I wonder who will feed our suburban sprawling population. Anyway I got very annoyed by this so wrote a comment on the issue to the local suburban paper the Berwick Leader. I wrote the following which was published in the Berwick Leader:

We suburbanites depend on agriculture to feed us, so it is totally crazy to build houses on good fertile land(Clyde North ) that produces our food. Locally produced food is healthier for us and it is also good food security for our future. Whilst I am aware we need to build housing for a growing population, I think it is more important to feed a growing population. It shouldn’t be growth at any cost, some consideration should be made for what’s best for us in the long-term. I have a lot of respect for our farmers, and am grateful for the service they provide us. 

It was an article called,’ Clyde’s urban growth battle’ , that was published in the Berwick leader that alerted me to this issue.

I would often say to my husband as we drove past all the new advertisement from new estate after new estate where will the cows go and where will our food come from. It will be sad to see the market gardens disappear and be swallowed up by houses. It also means our food will come from further away , and even further away.


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