Adding Joy to Life

Today I chose to do something that adds joy into my life. You see I believe that if everyday you do just one thing that adds joy to your life, life will be so much more blissful. I also believe that you have to actively choose to live a more joyful life. As you can see from my photo today is a cold winters day, and at times it has been raining. However I  love walking, so I went for a long walk around the lakes where I live. I found it soothing as the rain lightly fell on my umbrella. I enjoyed the natural scenery and bird life as I walked along the walking track. I thought about how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful suburb with so many lovely walking tracks. Just doing that one thing, going for a walk makes me feel so much happier.

What one thing could you do each day that would bring joy into your life?

It doesn’t have to be the same thing everyday. Some of the things that bring joy into my life are as follows: reading a book, listening to music, enjoying a meal with my family, writing, blogging, laughing, and watching a movie especially with my boys.


One thought on “Adding Joy to Life

  1. Indeed, doing something you enjoy certainly makes life that much better. I’m glad you went out for a walk on a day like that, and took pictures 🙂
    For me, I enjoy getting sucked into something, whether it be blogging, coding HTML, my woodburning, crochet, whatever. As long as I can just jump in and keep going, not paying attention to the time. That’s the best!

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