Boutique Living

Apparently real estate agents are now selling Boutique Living. What is Boutique mean? Some definitions are small, unique, and luxurious. So it sounds delicious! So I thought I would define Boutique Living for me. For me it is living in a home and living a life that is unique to me. It is living in a home That is luxurious to me, that means the comfy arm-chair, my crochet rugs, pieces of art that brighten my day, fresh sheets, flowers, and pieces of furniture I love. That does not mean my home is full of expensive stuff, because it is not. It is luxurious because it makes me feel good, and it has its own unique beauty. Boutique Living is more than just the material side. It is living your own unique life everyday, a life that is individual, full, alive and that excites you everyday. I love a place to journal, read, spend fun time with my family, and a garden to sit out and enjoy nature in. I love that I live near lakes and have beautiful walks to go on each day. That I can attend Yoga classes at the community YMCA. I love that I am 90% of the time a full-time Mother to my two children Mr Serious and Little Mighty Mouse, and can also work part-time as a Nurse. I love my hobbies of Toastmasters, Yoga and dance classes. I love that we have a fluffy dog Little Miss Popularity to play with and take for long walks. My Boutique Living comes with candles, music and good home cooked food. Playing the music I love, burning the oils I love. Cooking the foods I love. Drinking red wine. socializing with family and friends. Going out and enjoying activities in the community with my family. Curling up on the couch with my hubby, and boys. Reading books, gardening, walking and writing. I don’t think you can sell Boutique Living I think you have to create it. How can you bring more luxury and uniqueness into your life? I think I could socialize at home more often. I could put flowers in my home more often. Setting the dinner table and using  a good dinner set. Even dance with the kids and cook food together. Have more themed nights like our Mexican nights. If you have any ideas please share with me I would be delighted to hear about them.


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