Belgrave Lantern Festival

Wonderful Saturday family night at the Belgrave  annual Lantern Festival to celebrate the Winter Solstice. This was a big community event where the main street of Belgrave was lit up with unique and creative lanterns. Enjoyed having a coffee in one of the warm cosy cafe’s whilst enjoyed fish & chips for dinner whilst watching the parade.

 Plenty of wonderful music and entertainment. Even though the weather was cold and there was drizzling rain there was a big turn out of people in the parade and watching the parade. The event had a real community feel about it, and it was good to see even some pet dogs were enjoying the night.

A lot of effort had been put into creating the lanterns, they were all very creative and unique. There were some gorgeous big lanterns and lots of beautiful little lanterns.

This was our first Lantern Festival, it was just by chance that we found out about it. Glad we did find out about it as we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the parade.


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