Wilson Botanical Park a Tranquil place.

Hidden in the outer suburban area of Berwick lies a hidden treasure, a tranquil space for people to enjoy. A place to escape, and experience peace. A place to hear the singing of birds,and the whistling of the wind. A place to watch the tall strong trees, the exotic vegetation, mixed with native beauties, the sparkling glittering of the water on the lake, and the ducks swimming past. One can just walk along the picturesque walking tracks or sit watching the amazing lake views. Whilst the surrounding trees whisper the words peace, harmony, beauty, nature and explore. It is so true that walking in nature brings so much joy into my life, it gives me a sense of peace, and a knowing that life is truly amazing.

The sky is covered in a blanket of grey cloud, a simple winter’s day. It is quite mild outside, not cold like the past few days. There are plenty of people out walking and exercising, all of them enjoying this beautiful place.

Wilson Botanic Park was an operational quarry until the late 1970’s.   It was transformed into a lake and park, surrounded by trees, exposed rock formations, walking tracks and picnic areas and was officially opened in 1992. The transformation work began in the 1980’s it is now a picturesque tranquil park for people and bird wildlife. Mr. George Wilson the grandson of the original landowners donated the land to the community.  Wilsons Botanic Park is in the outer suburb of Berwick, the Shire of Casey, in conjunction with the Friends of Wilson Botanic Park, manages it.

It is hard to imagine that this picturesque place was once a working quarry. It certainly has been transformed into a beautiful park. A wonderful place to visit for my artist date today, my well has certainly been refilled.

Click on the link for more information about Wilson Botanic Park and how to get there.



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