Reflections on The Great Australian Dream


It was obvious how we come to live here amongst the suburban sprawl, it was the Great Australian Dream, to own a home of our own. We wanted a home security, a backyard for the children to play in, parks, and playgrounds to play in, good schools to send them to, and a quite safe street to live in. Firstly we have to drag the kids away from their computers and electronic toys to get them outside, secondly you have to jump through Hola hoops to get your children into a good school, and thirdly can you really tell what a quite safe street looks like. Still we came to live here because it was our idea of suburban bliss. It was a refuge a place of rest, tranquility and play. Also a place of complete chaos at times, after all we do have children and a dog. It is a place of privacy and escape. Even suburban bliss has its price.  I am a little over the long travel times and the need to have a car to get almost anywhere.

Even though much has changed over the years, such as changing gender roles(e.g. working mums), changing work habits, rising mortgage repayments, smaller housing allotments, longer travel times, and social changes( e.g. more single parent families, more couples without children) the suburbs continue to grow. In fact the growth in the suburbs seems unstoppable. Even though the average person buying their first home will buy a home on the outskirts of the city for affordability. The outskirts of the city get further and further away. I have seen this with my own eyes as housing estate after housing estate has been created moving further and further away from the city, and the cows and market gardens get replaced with housing allotments. It is so sad to see the cows move out however people need houses. So many people need houses, houses just keep going up, housing estate after housing estate. Why? The dream to own a home of ones own is still a dream that many Australians strive for. It is like Australians have a love affair with home ownership. It is truly the Great Australian Dream, ownership of ones own home, no wonder we have embraced living in the suburbs, no wonder there is so much suburban sprawl. Affordability and the reality of owning a home makes suburban life a goal worth aspiring for.

So here I am living the Great Australian Dream.


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