Drive In




As a child my parents took me to the Drive-In. I have fond memories of being curled up in the back seat with blankets and pillows. I remember when the windows fogged up complaining and Dad wiping the windscreen with a rag so we could all see again. Whilst the sound came from a single speaker which you attached to the side window, and hoped you picked one that worked well. It was such an adventure , good family fun  and wonderful childhood memories. As I grew up going to the Drive-In went out of favour, people stopped going to them and so they closed. So many people have never experienced this phenomena, because Drive- Ins are so rare these days. There are only three Drive-In’s in Victoria which are as follows the Coburg Drive-In, the Dromana Drive-In and the Dandenong Lunar Drive -In.

The Drive- In is one cool retro experience, it has an atmosphere of excitement and adventure that movie centres just lack. You can pack up the blankets,pillows, teddies and food. Clothes or pyjama’s either is cool. Some people even take their own chairs. It is such a fabulous family experience.

I am lucky I live about 20 minutes away from the Dandenong Lunar Drive-In. What a treasure, especially with its four big screens and selection of latest movies to choose from. This Drive in originally opened in 1956 and closed in the 1980’s like many of the Drive-Ins. What is different about it was that it re-opened in 2002 providing a movie experience that people could discover or rediscover.

It is so wonderful to be able to have that experience with my husband and children. To have popcorn flying around the car. To be able to talk during the movie and not have to whisper. To rug up in blankets and even bring teddies. It is such a relaxing and comfortable experience, warm and engaging. Plus there is just a certain atmosphere being there with all the other cars, lined up in front of the screen watching a movie under the night sky. There just seems to be something special soulfulness and excitement to the Drive-In experience  that the sterility of the indoor cinema experience lacks. Best of all it is so affordable costing $28 for the family to see a movie, and the latest movie at that.

The Drive-In is a wonderful suburban icon, and is still a fabulous and relevant movie experience today, and it is wonderful that another generation get to have this experience. Between the late 1970’s to early 1980’s the Drive-In experience nearly became extinct so many of our Drive- In’s closed and disappeared.There still opportunities to try out this suburban movie experience. If you have never been to a Drive-In I encourage you to try it.

It is so much fun creating new memories with my own children. Big screen, great movie, and a car. We all loved it.



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