Me the Suburbanite

I have been a suburbanite all my life. I have lived in different suburbs over that time. As a child living in the suburb was good. I spent most of the time playing in the backyard, our backyard or friends backyards. I was able to play in our friends court and where we would ride our bikes around safely. I remember it was a time when any Mum could tell you off and we would listen. I knew who my neighbours were I never felt alone. I walked to primary school, secondary school and university. For much of my life my parents only owned one car. We had a strip of shops a short walk way from our house, and always a milk bar  near by to go get, milk, bread, and paper from. Our house was close to a big park that had several ovals, running track, and play ground. I used to ride my bike around it. I had a happy childhood growing up in the suburbs. I guess I wanted this backyard lifestyle for my own children. However life is faster these days, life is busier everywhere. Children live busy lives these days. I still enjoy my backyard, the dog especially enjoys the backyard. I love the idea of a quiet garden and fresh air. My children love computer games. Thankfully the dog encourages them to venture out into the backyard and get some fresh air.



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