Bookshelf Review~Chooks in Stilettos

Lovely Melbourne weather one day sunny and warm, next day raining and cold. Well today is one of those days where its cold and raining, and doesn’t look like stopping raining. A lovely day to stay at home, curl up in a chair and read a book. So today I thought I would do a book review. I love reading books and usually read a book a week. I read a little bit here and there, at home when I have a spare moment or whilst waiting in the car to pick kids up. Sometimes when having a coffee/tea break. All those little moments of reading add up to one completed book in about a week.

Book Review: Chooks in Stilettos by Carolyn Donovan

Walked into a book store, picked this book up and decided this was the book I needed to read. I wasn’t looking for it. It is normally not the type of book I would read. Yet it screamed read me, read me, so I went with my intuition and read it. Wow it was just what I needed.

Carolyn is a model and mother. She gives the reader insight into the everyday modelling world and everyday life. Her book is witty and funny. It is full of short stories about herself and friends. The author of this book writes a very girly read, it full of hilarious moments in her work as a model and also moments in daily life. In fact Carolyn writes about those moments in life that all women can relate to no matter what our jobs or roles in life are. What delighted me about this book was it made me smile and laugh. Some parts of this book made me laugh so much I had tears running down my cheeks and curious onlookers wanting to know what was so funny. The book’s message was loud and clear it is good to love who we are, even the embarrassing bits, and laugh. A good laugh fixes everything. This book left me feeling so uplifted . So if you like a girly read, need your spirit uplifted or simple are in need of a good laugh then I recommend you read this book.



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