Backyard Joy

I like to sit in my backyard. Nature is so calming and sometimes I just like to come out here and hide.

One of the great things about suburban living is having a backyard. It is those beautiful sunny Autumn days that I enjoy sitting outside like today. The breeze softly passes through me, the sky is blue with occasional white fluffy clouds. The trees are swaying the birds chirping. The grass is looking so green, and is like a thick pile carpet to walk on. Sometimes my backyard mentality brings so much joy, and I am sure my husband finds it very fulfilling to mow the lawns each weekend. In fact our grass is so beautiful  and green, that I recently heard a couple walking past the front lawn, stop and debate if it was real or not.   Anyway getting back to the backyard it is so peaceful and private. I sit out under the pergola, looking out into my garden. I can bring my computer out here , write to my heart’s content, enjoy the sunshine and still grab a little bit of nature. I value having a backyard to sit out and enjoy and to play in, sadly I often take it for granted and don’t come out here and enjoy it often enough. It also means we can have our lovely fluffy dog, who loves rolling in the grass, woofing away birds, and hang around humans. Plus it is a place for the children to run around and play, jump on the trampoline and shoot each other with nerf guns. Unfortunately they don’t appreciate our backyard as much as their electronic and computer games. I think I go grab a cuppa and sit out here and admire the first flower on my camelias to come out.


One thought on “Backyard Joy

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