Saturday Night

  The thing about living in the suburbs is finding exciting things to do, and when married with hubby and two gorgeous boys this can be a challenge. We could just stay home and watch television that would be so easy.  However that is not an exciting experience. I wanted us to do something different something special for my son’s upcoming birthday.  So off to Pearcedale about a 20 minute drive where we went to do a lantern lit evening tour at Moonlit Sanctuary a wildlife conservation park. We had been to plenty of zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries but we had never done a night tour.  At the entrance was a collection of snakes and lizards, where we got to meet a python and pat it. A wonderful way to start the evening, we were given are lanterns and of we went into the dark to get up close to some Australian wildlife.  My youngest son just loves animals it was great to meet a Barking Owl which sounds like it is barking. Then we met some Tasmanian Devils, these were two very excited active noisy devils. My son just said “devils they are so cute, I love them.”  The Owls were beautiful to see and hear.  We met with endangered Bettongs  which are like a rabbit sized kangaroos and some brush tail possums which are not endangered. Watching them jump around  and be fed was great experience.The boys even had an opportunity to pat them. We sore a wonderful fat wombat. Whilst at the end of the night we met a very big Koala. Also finished by feeding the Kangaroos and Wallabies. My youngest son was determined he was going to feed the kangaroos and wallabies, and yes he had them eating out of his hand.  It was a wet and cold night which turned out to be an exciting adventure.

You can find more about Moonlit Sanctuary at the following link


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